Personalized Feng Shui Online Consultation

Personalized Feng Shui Online Consultation


In this Feng Shui online consultation service, you send us information and we will create a personalized Feng Shui chart, analyze and suggest changes to increase the positive energy in areas of your concerns.

What we need from you:

  1. Basic floor plan. (You can draw it, and try to keep it in proportion/ scale). Location such as city, town and country.

  2. Facing direction of the building (Use building facing directions or main entrance for apartment buildings). Use any free phone app, google map, or compass to find the facing degree. Keep it as accurate as possible. At least, give us a general direction such as southeast or northwest.

  3. Your bithday and year (birth hour is optional). You can also include your spouse’s birth date and year, and other family member’s living in the space. At least the birth month, year, and gender.

  4. If you can, provide the construction year of the building, or the last major renovation of the building. Also the year you moved in. If you don’t know, it is ok.

  5. What is your 3 major areas for this consultation? For example: health, money, work and career, relationship, kids and family issues.

*The more detailed info you provide, the better we can analysize for you. If you do not have all the info, just send us what you have and we can work from there. Any additional pictures of interior or exterior is helpful too.

What we definitly need to have is:

  • your floor plan of the current residence (or the place you plan to live in the next few month). If you don’t have architectural floor plan, hand drawing is fine. Please indicate the entrance, label every room, and major furnitures.

  • The facing direction. Use a compass app on any smart phone can give a quick reading of the degrees.

  • Your birth date and year (and your spouse’s if applicable). And other members birth month and year (and gender) living in the space.

  • 3 areas you want to improve right away (health, work, love….)


    After you submit the information and payment, we will review it and ask more questions if needed. We will send you a written report in 2-5 business days after we have enough information.

    *** Please email your info to

    We will let you know after we recieve the info. Thanks.

    We are treating the consultation more of a case study, so the price is lower than the market price. Your privacy is important to us and we will not use your name or sell your info. We will ask for your permission if we think your case can be used in future discussion.

    Looking forward to working with you.

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