7 ways to find your creativity when feeling stuck?


7 ways to find your creativity when feeling stuck

We all have the time when feeling uninspired and stuck. Here are some ideas to try to restore your creative mind and start fresh. They might be just small steps but can help you change your perspective and put your focus somewhere else.

1. Write a few pages or a set time every day. Call it morning pages or brain dump. It helps clear our mind. When all the little thoughts are on the paper, you can refer to it later and feel less stressed.

2. Go to nature, travel or visit a new place. Visiting the new place and seeing new sights tends to bring new stimulation, new ideas, and new feelings.

3. Teach and help other people with any skill you have. When we are teaching, we feel more confident and fulfilled. We no longer focus on our shortcomings. We learn and grow as a teacher too.

4. Meditate and exam your mindset, belief, and habit. Our mindset and subconscious are tightly related to the result in our world. If we can find what is holding us back, we can work on changing it.

5. Set up an inspiring space and surrounded by positive people. We tend to follow what our friends and family’s expectation. If we can surround ourselves with happy and positive people and environment, we grow faster.

6. Keep a notebook and sketchbook with you all the time. Write down any ideas and feelings and you can always refer back later for future projects. Otherwise, we are often too busy to remember any good ideas or images in our mind.

7. Exercise or do some physical activity such as housework, gym, or outdoor exercise. Instead of sitting alone feeling depressed, it is healthier to get up and get moving. We all need a balance in the mind work and physical activity. Too much of one end can lead to feeing stuck.

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