Eight Mansions Feng Shui and the 8 charts

The Eight Mansions Feng Shui and the 8 charts

The Eight Mansions (or eight houses) is another school of Feng Shui that use the calculation to analyze Feng Shui of a house. In the Flying Star Feng Shui, time is an important factor because the calculation is based on the building's construction time, and every year, even month or day, the 9 stars fly to different sectors and the lucky ones become unlucky eventually and vice versa. 

In the Eight Mansions Feng Shui, time is not as important. There are 2 types of the charts. One is decided by your personal life Gua (Kua) number. This is calculated according to your birthday. The other chart is also called Hose Gua (Kua) which is calculated by the sitting and facing direction of the house. These 2 charts do not change over time. Because they are fixed, it seems easier to understand and apply.

Later Heaven Ba Gua

The Eight Gua or trigrams comes from the Later Heaven Ba Gua. Each Gua represents one direction/location. If your house is sitting on the south and facing north, your house is a "Li house" or "north facing house". See the chart below. You can use a compass, phone app or google map to find out your house direction and degree.

Later heaven ba gua.jpg

Facing direction

Most single houses have a clear facing direction. It is usually the front door where you enter the house. Some house is designed differently and the front door might be on the side of a house. For the Flying Star and Eight Mansions Feng Shui, the front of the building, usually with traffic in front, is the facing direction. Opposite of that is the sitting direction.  

For high rise apartment building, the whole building shares the same facing direction. The individual apartment's main door direction can affect the individual apartment, but for the calculation of the Flying Star and Eight Mansions, each apartment shares the same building facing directions. Other styles of Feng Shui might have a different way of finding the facing direction. Here the most Yang energy is in the front of the building, and that is how we decide the facing direction.

Personal Life Gua (Kua) number

We talked about how to calculate your Life Gua number with an online calculator before. Click here for the link. You can use the Kua number to find out your personal chart. If you are number 5, it becomes 2 for male and 8 for female. So there are only 8 charts between number 1-9.

The 8 types of charts (for personal Gua and House Gua)

Kua 1Face SE.jpg
Kua 2.jpg
Kua 3.jpg
Kua 4.jpg
Kua 6.jpg
Kua 7.jpg
Kua 8.jpg
kua 9 new.jpg

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