Feng Shui for kitchen

Feng Shui for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a house from Feng Shui perspective. Cooking and preparing food directly relates to our health, and all the food in the kitchen represents wealth because only wealthy people can afford plenty of good food in the old days. The kitchen is also related to the women in the house since she is the one spending most of the time here. So Feng Shui in a kitchen can affect health, wealth, and women in the family.

To check the Feng Shui of a kitchen, we have to look at few key elements: door, window, stove, refrigerator, water faucet, and sink.

1. Kitchen door

It is popular now to have an open space floor plan in the living room, dining room and kitchen area, but it might not be the best Feng Shui. If you can see the kitchen or stove at the front entrance, it means people can see through your wealth right away and it is harder to preserve your money. It is actually better to have a door to a kitchen, or some structure or screen to separate the kitchen area. 

- If the kitchen door is facing the stove, meaning the door is behind you when you are cooking, it indicates quarrel, bad temper, illness of female disease, or money loss. The traffic behind you can be disturbing and unsettling. 

Kitchen door facing stove1.jpg

- If the kitchen door directly faces the fridge, it means money loss because the fridge is a symbol of money and wealth.

Kitchen door facing fridge.jpg

- If the kitchen door faces the restroom door, it is bad for health and digestion.

Kitchen door facing restroom door.jpg

- If the kitchen door directly aligns with the back door to balcony or backyard, Qi flows right out of the door. It indicates money going out quickly and difficult to save money. 

Kitchen door to balcony door.png

The solution to the above problems includes adding the kitchen door, move the fridge, stove or the door. If that can not be done, adding a screen or curtain might help the bad Feng Shui.

2. Stove

The location of a stove in relation to other elements is very important. A stove is a Fire element in the five element theory. We have to avoid Fire and Water directly clashing each other. 

- A stove should not face water faucet or sink directly, or next to each other. It creates the Water and Fire conflict and can cause a lawsuit, quarrel, money loss or illness.

stove and faucet not facing.jpg

- Fridge and water faucet are similar since the refrigerator is a Water element too. When the stove and the fridge face each other, it can lead to kids who are difficult to discipline. 

stove and fridge not facing.jpg

- When there is a window in front of the stove, the Qi flows out too fast and indicating difficult to save money. Add curtain or cover will help.

window in front of stove.jpg

- If a mirror is facing the stove, it reflects the fire energy and can cause bad temper, moodiness, and money loss. Remove or cover the mirror.

mirror facing stove.jpg

- If the stove is lower than the counter, it is bad for money luck. Try to raise the stove to the same level or higher than the countertop to avoid any financial loss. 

stove lower than the countertop.jpg

- If the stove is against a restroom wall, it is bad Feng Shui for health.

stove against a restroom wall.jpg

- If there is a beam above the stove, it affects women's health and might causes accidents.

beam above stove.jpg

3. Refrigerator

A fridge is a symbol of money and belongs to the element of water. 

As mentioned before, seeing fridge from the entrance of your house means difficult to save money. Add screen, curtain, or door to remedy this situation.

Avoid fridge facing the stove, or fridge next to the stove directly. It creates Water Fire clashing and is one classic bad Feng Shui.

- If the fridge faces a restroom, it is bad for health.

fridge facing a restroom door.jpg

4. Faucet and water sink

These are water element and need to be careful about the placement and direction.

The direction of the faucet decides the direction of water flow, and water means money in Feng Shui. Make sure the water does not flow out of the house, meaning money flowing out of the window or door.

Water faucet should not directly face or be next to the stove. As mentioned earlier, it creates Water and Fire conflict and can cause all problems such as illness, quarrel, or disharmony.

Feng Shui Cures

If you can not change the layout of the kitchen or add screen/ curtain to avoid bad Feng Shui, the next best thing is to add Feng Shui cures. Popular Feng Shui cures for the kitchen include Qi Lin, Hu Lu, bronze dragon, and ancient Chinese coins (Five emperor coins).

Qi Lin is an auspicious mythical animal that can protect the space and counter the evil Qi.

Qi Lin

Qi Lin

Hu Lu is a gourd that was used as a container for medicine in the ancient days. It symbolizes health and longevity.

Hu Lu

Hu Lu

Dragon is another auspicious mythical creature that is fierce and strong. A bronze dragon is supposed to raise the yang Qi and counter any negative energy.



The ancient coins typically mean the coins from the 5 most prosperous dynasties in China. Placing these coins in your house is supposed to bring you the same prosperity and good fortune.

Five emperor coins

Five emperor coins

I am not sure how authentic the coins have to be as an effective Feng Shui cure. Or how effective these Feng Shui cures are. Some people have positive result with them but some people say it is just psychological and not really classical Feng Shui. Do what feels right for you and trust your intuition.

Other things we can control: keep good air quality by opening windows and let in light and fresh air. Declutter and discard expired food and only stock food that fits your healthy lifestyle. If the room is pleasant to be in and aligns with your value, it is a good Feng Shui.