Feng Shui lucky charms and amulet to enhance career, study, love, and health

Feng Shui lucky charms and amulet to enhance career, study, love, and health

One easy way to take advantage of Feng Shui for extra blessing and good luck is to use charms and amulets. You can wear it as a pendant, ring, or bracelet; carry them as a key chain or purse hanging; or just display them in your personal space. When you have some special item with you all the time, they can bring you confidence, focus, and positive energy.

There are many different types of lucky items in Feng Shui, including the popular symbolism, auspicious animals, and religous or culture related objects. Doesn’t matter which type of Feng Shui lucky item you pick, the connection between you and the item is a major part why they work. Performing a little “activation ritual” is helpful to strengthen the power. It can be as simple as saying your intention of picking and using the Feng Shui cure for certain purpose, or complicated with incense, flower, food offering, and praying.

Some types of Feng Shui lucky item or cure work better for certain purpose. The most popular goals people want include work/career, study, love/relationship, and good health. See below for the best good luck charms for each of them.

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3 Popular types of Feng Shui charms

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Best charms for career, study, love, and health luck

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