Feng Shui Q and A - Stove facing fridge, door facing a wall, T junction cure

Feng Shui Q and A - Stove facing fridge, door facing a wall, T junction cure and more

Here are some Q and A about Feng Shui practice. It is personal opinion and not the only answer. Feng Shui has been kept a “secret magic” throughout the Chinese history. Now in the internet age, everyone should have the chance to discuss the Feng Shui study and learn different systems. If we can openly discuss, we will all learn and grow.

Watch the video below:

Question 1 -

A refrigerator is placed in the back balcony because of the lack of space.

A refrigerator should be placed in a kitchen. The back balcony is not an ideal place. I understand many people have tiny space and can not change the layout. The back balcony is related to your children’s luck and relationship with your offspring. At least keep the area clean and organized. To increase the Qi of this area, hang the Chinese 5- emperor coins or natural crystals. If you can not change the layout now, just focus on other areas you can change.

Question 2 -

My kitchen stove is on the other side of the restroom wall. Where should I hang the Five emperor’s coins?

The Feng Shui cure does not have to be on the stove directly. Hang the Five emperor’s coins around the stove wall or cabinet is ok. You can also hang a Hulu or display a Pi Xiu near the stove.


Question 3 -

What can I do when my stove facing a fridge? And when opening the front door, it faces a wall. Does the Qi know where to go?

Stove facing a fridge is a very common problem. It is the conflict between Fire and Water element. If you can not change the layout, one way I heard is to use a Wood element such as wood material, the color of green, or actual plant in the kitchen. For example, add a green carpet on the floor between the stove and the fridge, use wooden accessories or plants on the countertop.

Question 4 -

My house faces a T-junction.

If your house is located at the end of a T-junction or with traffic coming toward your house, it creates too strong and unstable Qi. One classical Feng Shui cure is called “Shi Gan Dang”. It is literally a bigger rock with the word “Shi Gan Dang” written on it. Place it in front of your house pointing at the incoming traffic and it should absorb the negative energy. Another way is to place a pair of stone lions by your entrance for protection. You can also place a Ba Gua mirror to reflect the unwanted Qi.

Question 5 -

The secret friends of the Chinese animal signs.

Like the western astrology, the 12 Chinese animal signs have different combination relationships. There are harmonious groups of 3:

1. Rat, Dragon, Monkey  2. Ox, Snake, Rooster  3. Tiger, Horse, Dog  4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig

And there are “secret or hidden friends” pairs:

1. Rat and Ox   2. Tiger and Pig   3. Rabbit and Dog   4. Dragon and Rooster  5. Snake and Monkey  6. Horse and Sheep

If you are a Rat, the Ox is your secret friend, and if you are an Ox, the Rat is your secret friend. In Feng Shui, you can display your lucky animals at home, or use them as your lucky charm. For example, for a Rat, you can use Dragon, Monkey, and Ox to enhance your luck. They are Helpful people (Nobleman) in your life.

Question 6 -

The fish tank in the video looks pretty but overstock.

The fishtank from the video of placing the aquarium looks overcrowded. It is a good concern because the too crowded fish tank will lead to sick fishes eventually. This is actually my parent’s fish tank and we started with 2 fishes but they keep multiple regularly in the past few years. The extra fishes are moved to a bigger pond but the little tank is always full because of the new baby fishes. When a plant or fish tank is growing too well in one spot, it is usually a good indication of good Feng Shui in that location. Do you have a similar problem at home?

Question 7 -

How to place a water element in general and in 2019? How to identify a good water location?

For the best location for water feature and aquarium in 2019, check the video here. For specific water location, it will require more complicated calculation based on the house facing/ sitting direction and the owner’s birth chart. Each Feng Shui school has its system of identifying the best water location. We will introduce different systems in the future. For example, the 9 Flying Star school has a system in locating the best water and mountain locations based on the 24 mountains (24 directions).

Question 8 -

What if my Kua number is 1 and live in the Southwest of the house?

In the Eight Mansions (Ba Zai) Feng Shui, there are East and West group of people based on the Kua number. Both have 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions. If your major space (bedroom, living room, entrance) cannot be in the auspicious direction, you can use the lucky directions within the space (Southwest, for example). You can also face your lucky direction when you sit down (arrange your table and sofa accordingly). It is a very common problem in the Eight Mansion Feng Shui because our family member can have different auspicious directions from us. There will be some compromise in the layout so everyone gets the benefit of Feng Shui.

Question 9 -

There is no water around the house, should I add water art in my wealth area? My hallway to the living room is small and narrow? Suggestion for wall color?

When there is no real water around the house, you can certainly add a water feature or art (painting, fountain, or aquarium) in your wealth area to activate money luck. It is not as powerful as the natural water (river, pond, lake) outdoor, but can still activate the Qi if done correctly.

When the hallway is small or narrow, the best is to add lighting or open up some windows. Some mirrors can help to reflect the light. Be sure not to place a mirror directly facing a door.

As for the wall color, there are several ways to look at it. There is always a Ba Gua chart with the corresponding 5 elements. Each element has related colors you can use. There is also a Flying Star house chart. Each star has a corresponding 5 element too. You can also check your own birth chart (Ba Zi) to find out what is your favorable element and use the color at home. Based on the 5 element theory, there are ways to enhance the element or reduce the element of the direction/sector too. For example, South belongs to the Fire element in the Ba Gua chart. If you want to enhance the fire energy, use red. If you want to reduce the strong fire energy, use water color such as blue.