How to machine knit Half Fisherman's Rib

Here is another tutorial of machine knitting a Half Fisherman's Rib with a ribber, demonstrated on a Brother 260 bulky knitting machine. Similar to 1 x 1 Rib, just different setting on the ribber.

The "Half Fisherman's Rib" produces a fabric that is plain knitting on one side, and Tuck stitch on the other side. A "Full Fisherman's Rib" produces Tuck stitches on both sides of knitting.

half fisherman's rib machine knit how to

1. Arrange needles and set both knitter and ribber carriages.

The first part is just like regular 1 x 1 ribbing. (See the article about how to machine knit a 1 x 1 ribbing) Set the Pitch to P3 so needles on both beds are align with each other. Use every other needles, and be sure the two end needles are on the knitter. 

Set both carriages to the lowest tension (or your choice). On Brother 260, it can be  several clicks below 0 for knitter and several clicks below "star" symbol on ribber. Or you can follow the manual, use dial 0 on both carriages.  

Set the slide lever from I to II on the bottom of Ribber. Lever II produces a tighter fabric than Lever I. Usually it is not that critical, but we want the cast on edge to be tighter. Machine knitted ribbing has a tendency to be too loose.

2. Knit first row and hang the cast on comb

Run across carriages several times first to make sure all needles stay in B position.

Thread the yarn through tension mast, pass through the yarn feeder between carriages. Put a clip to the yarn end to prevent getting caught later.

Knit the first row from right to left. This creates a zig zag row

Hang the cast on comb properly and hang enough weight.

zig zag row
with weight

3. Perfect Selvedge, or 3 zig zag row

Set the carriage to partial knitting in opposite directions for knitter and ribber.

Knitter: Tension 0, left PART button pushed in.

Ribber: Tension 0, right P.R. button pushed up. Slide lever stays in II.

Move the carriage from left to right (only knitter knits) - first row

Move the carriage from right to left (only ribber needle knits) - second row

Move the carriage from left to right (only plain needle knits) - third row

Now the perfect selvedge is completed.

4. Setting up for Half Fisherman's Ribbing

Now set the tension to the main tension. The manual says dial 2 on both carriages, but it really depends on your swatch and preference. 

The Knitter carriage is set for normal plain knitting, and the Ribber carriage is set for partial knitting: Right P. R. button pushed up, and the slide lever moved to I.

knitter half fisherman
ribber half fishermans rib

5. Hang "wire loop" weight, and just knit

Hang "wire loop" type of weight, or "7" (or "L" ) shape weight on the edge of the zig zag knitting to prevent dropping stitches.

Then just continue knitting by moving carriages back and forth. 

You can use waste yarn to bind off, or move the stitches from Ribber to Knitter with double eyes needle first and bind off in any way you like.

half fishermans rib on machine
half fisherman's rib close up