Office Desk Feng Shui Design - 5 Tips

Office Desk Feng Shui Design - 5 Tips

An office desk is like a mini house, and all the Feng Shui rules apply to the desk in a similar way. Below are 5 simple tips or rules you can apply to your office desk for better career luck and positive energy.

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5 Simple Tips

The first 2 tips are related to the classical Feng Shui animals on each side of the house. In the front of a house, it is a red bird and like to have an open view. The back side is a black turtle representing the stability and support. The left side the the dragon or the male/ Yang energy. The right side is the tiger side or the female/ Yin energy.

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When you sit down in front of a desk, in front of you should have good open view, the back side should have solid support, the left and right sides should be balanced depending on your business or personal situation.

Add energy enhancers such as crystals, lighting, Pi Xiu, Qi Lin to increase the positive vibe.

Create your own spiritual alter or inspirational reminder by introducing religious guardian/protector related to your career or non-religious vision board to focus on your dreams and goals.

The last tip is to add lively Qi to the space with plants, flowers, fish tank, or water fountain. Exam and re-arrange furnitures or decors in your space to make the Qi circulate better. Make sure you are taking advantage of the door, window, and find the best location to place your desk.

Don’t forget to keep all paperworks organized and clean out outdated material. A desk reflects our mind and personality. If we can improve our desk, we can work more efficiently and achieve more.

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The basics of Feng Shui is just to…..

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