The Feng Shui of shoe cabinet in the front entrance

The Feng Shui of the Shoe Cabinet in the Front Entrance

Front entrance is where the Qi flows into a house and the first impression is made. When we walk into a house with messy shoes all over the entrance floor, we know the Feng Shui of the house is compromised. It is a small act to put away the shoes and keep them under control, but can greatly improve the energy of the space.

There are some basic rules about the Feng Shui of shoe storage. Do we really need all the shoes we accumulated through the years? It is a good time to exam what really fit our lifestyle and let go of the outdated shoes. Reduce the quantity is the first step to regain our control.

What about the storage? The cabinet with door is better than the open shelf in Feng Shui because it hides the visual clutter. It is best if it can be vented to reduce any smell. The cabinet should not be too high and overtaking the entrance.

Watch the video about the shoe cabinet Feng Shui in the entrance area

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