The use of the crystals in Feng Shui

The use of the crystals in Feng Shui

The crystals can be an enhancement tool in Feng Shui. The functions include reflecting light, add earthly Qi, and increase the energy of the space. 


Different colors of crystals in Feng Shui

There are many ways to associate crystal colors with different areas of life. The following charts are the popular belief of the crystal colors used in Feng Shui related areas. Green is the color of bills in many countries and the color represents money and wealth from work and career. Yellow or orange crystals are related to money luck from speculations such as stocks or property investment.

Pink is related to love and relationship. Purple and clear crystals are related to spiritual growth. Black and dark color crystals can protect us by absorbing negative energy. Red is the color of fire and related to energy and passion.

Besides placing natural crystals as sculpture in a house, we can wear crystal jewelry to increase our energy.

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How to cleanse and recharge your crystals?

When a crystal is used as a Feng Shui remedy or jewelry, it is a good idea to cleanse and recharge regularly. Here are some common ways to recharge your crystals.

- Wash with salt water. Natural sea salt has the power to purify and cleanse.

- Wash under running water for a few minutes. Even water has the purifying effect.

- Place under the sun for a few hours. Sunlight can naturally recharge the crystal with positive energy.

- Burn good quality incense and let the smoke purify the crystals.

- Place small crystals in a big crystal geode overnight to get the energy from the bigger crystal.

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