2019 Year of the Pig (Boar) Ba Zi chart and analysis


2019 Year of the Pig (Boar) Ba Zi Chart and Analysis

Everybody has a Ba Zi chart, or the 4 pillar chart, based on one’s birthday. Every year, there is a Ba Zi chart based on the beginning of the spring in the lunar calender. Our Ba Zi chart can predict our character and possible fortune. It is the same as the Ba Zi chart of the Chinese year. We will discuss the chart for the year of the Boar below.

Watch the video below:

Here is the Ba Zi or 4 pillar chart of the Pig year based on the “Li Chun” or “beginning of the Spring” on the lunar calendar. You can also see the related 5 element in each section.

Ba Zi of Pig year 3.jpg

In 2019 year of the Boar, the Li Chun starts before the Chinese new year. We call it “no spring” this year.

Ba Zi of Pig year 4.jpg

This year (2019) is the “Ji Hai” year according to the heavenly stems and earthly branches for traditional calendar calculation. They are Earth and Water elements.

Ba Zi of Pig year 5.jpg

All 5 elements are present in the chart indicating a balanced energy. The pig belongs to the Water element and is related to money, investment, know skill, and wisdom.

Ba Zi of Pig year 6.jpg

This year also presents a lot chances for travel, moving, or just running around. The character of the pig will alos be highlighted such as intelligence, family-oriented, stubborn, or sloppy.

Ba Zi of Pig year 7.jpg


Display or wear clear, purple, or blue crystals to bring clarity and calm.

Manage money wisely.

Balance your life with art or other creative expression.

Watch out for Lung problem or airborne diseases.

Step ouside the comfort zone and challenge yourself with something new.

Ba Zi of Pig year 8.jpg
ba zi 2019.jpg