Feng Shui lunar calendar for date selection and free fall 2019 download

Feng Shui lunar calendar for date selection and free fall 2019 download

To download the free Feng Shui calendar for September to December of 2019, click the LINK HERE.

The lunar Feng Shui calendar is a simple tool to find the best day for your important activities such as wedding, starting a construction, starting a business, or travel. The calendar is calculated according to the Chinese ancient theory of Yin/Yang, 5 element, He Tu, Luo Shu, and so on. The theory is complicated but fortunately we do not need to understand all to use the calender.

Many Chinese people, at least the older generation, have one or more Feng Shui lunar calendar around the house for reference. Not everyone believes in the calendar, and the lucky or unlucky event, sign, or direction might not be right all the time. Always use your common sense first. I think it is more of a guideline that follows the law of nature (according to the Chinese metaphysical theory). When you need the extra luck and assurance, just follow the calendar.

Major activities on the Feng Shui lunar calendar

I try to simplify the calendar to fit the modern lifestyle better. Below are some activities included in the calendar and the meaning. The calendar also shows the conflicting animal signs and direction of the day, as well as the matching element of the day.

calendar 5.jpg

Watch the Feng Shui calendar video

September to December 2019 Feng Shui calendar

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