How to machine knit a Tuck stitch on LK150

How to machine knit a tuck stitch on LK150

Tuck stitch a stitch unique to machine knitting. It looks difficult but is actually easy once you know how to. If you have a knitting machine with pattening device, the tuck stitch can be knitted even faster. If you have a basic machine such as LK150, you can select the needles by hand. In the video below, I started by following a simple Tuck stitch pattern on the instruction book, and did a variation.

Unique character about the Tuck stitch

For tuck stitch, the stronger pattern is on the back side (purl side) and not the front side like most stitch patterns. It also creates a wider and shorter fabric because of the “tuck” move. It simply means leaving a few stitches not knitted, maybe in 2-3 continous rows, then knit them together in the next row by adjusting the setting of the carriage so the needles in the D position are knitted back to B. During tuck stitch rows, the carriage is set to leave the D position needles stay in D and not knitted back to B position. Depending on the position of the tuck stitches, an interesting pattern can be created.

You can also use 2 colors of yarn and alternate the color ever few rows to make the pattern pops out more. You can experiment and create your pattern. Just be careful not to have too many continous rows of tuck stitch on a single needle to prevent any dropped stitch. It is really easier to learn by watching than reading the descriptions. See the video below. Happy knitting!

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