Feng Shui principles for office and desk placement to enhance career luck

Feng Shui for office and desk placement to enhance the career luck

Here is a video about office Feng Shui, including the home office or library. The best location of the office should be in a lucky direction of your Feng Shui charts such as star number 1 in the Flying Star chart, or the lucky direction according to the Eight Mansions Feng Shui. The Eight mansions style Feng Shui is more directly based on the sitting and facing direction of the house. The Flying star chart requires the built year of the house, or the first moving year unless there is a major renovation. In that case, the period is updated to the year of renovation.

Feng Shui for office and career video

Lucky "Wen Chang" (scholarly luck) Feng Shui chart according to the house sitting and facing direction (Eight Mansions Feng Shui)

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"Wen Chang" or the Scholarly luck location according to Flying Star chart: Star # 1 (and 4)

This is also a great location to set up an office or place an office desk. Below is the 2018 Flying Star yearly chart. The number one star is in the Northwest corner, and the number 4 is in the South.

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