San Huang San or Herbal Ice for external application

San Huang San or Herbal Ice

San Huang San or the three yellow powder is an old Chinese herbal formula that is very strong in clearing heat, drying dampness, and draining out toxicity. It is popular in the martial art world to apply the herbs to any acute muscle sprain or strain topically.

There are many ways to apply San Huang San externally. You can grind it into a powder and mix with cream or oil, you can infuse the whole herbs in oil, alcohol or water and use directly or mix with melted beeswax to create an ointment or paste. Be very careful if you are planning to take it internally. Talk to an herbalist first because the San Huang San formula is very strong.

The ingredients typically include Huang Qin, Huang Bai, Da Huang or Hang Lian, and some cooling herbs. The three yellow (Huang) is the main herbs that can reduce inflammation and swelling.

Video about San Huang San by Rob Wulforst

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