What to eat for the dry fall season

What to eat for the dry fall season

With the change of the weather, autumn tends to bring problems of dryness, allergy, cold and flu. What can we eat to protect us from the dry eyes, coughing, and itchy skin? According to Chinese medicine, here are some recommended food we can eat more this season.


1. Pear - Pear nourishes the lung and clears the heat. It is a good fruit for a dry cough, thirst, and constipation. You can steam an Asian pear and add some honey to help with a dry cough.

2. White Wood Ear ( Bai Mu Er), also called Silver Ear ( Yin Er) or Snow Ear (Xue Er) - You can buy them dry in the Chinese market, and rehydrate them until expand. It is good for dry skin and itchiness. It is also called the poor man’s bird nest. It has the similar property of the expensive bird’s nest to rejuvenate the skin. It is commonly cooked with rock sugar as a sweet dessert.

3. Shan Yao or Yam - It is a long root that can nourish the lung and strengthen the digestive system. Japanese Yam is a popular choice. When cutting a fresh Shan Yao, be careful about the sticky juice that might cause itchiness of your hands.

4. Bai He or lily bulb - This is also a Chinese herb. It has a dry and fresh version. Rehydrate the dry lily bulbs before cooking. It is commonly made into a sweet soup. It has the function of calming the spirit, nourish the lung and stop coughing.

5. Soy milk and Tofu - Soy milk is made from yellow beans. It is full of nutrition and fiber. It nourishes dryness and transforms phlegm. Watch for the sugar content when buying soy milk. Tofu is a similar alternative.

6. Fishes - Fishes are full of omega 3 and beneficial to the allergy symptoms, smart brain, and good skin. Make sure the fishes are fresh and from a reliable source.

7. Grapes - The red grape has resveratrol to reduce any inflammation and allergy. It also generates fluid and enhances the immune system. Make sure to wash thoroughly before eating.

8. Seaweed - It nourishes the dryness. Commonly used in Miso soup and Sushi. It has the trace minerals our bodies need.

9. Seeds and nuts - such as sesame seed and walnut. They have high-fat content to moisture our bodies. Their nutrition also helps us prepare for the winter season.

What not to eat

In the fall season, we should avoid deep-fried and over-spicy food. Too much sweet or heat type of fruit such as Mango or Lichi/ Long Yan can dry up our body fluid and cause damage.

Chinese herbs to generate fluid and nourish Yin

Besides the everyday diet, you can try the Chinese herbs prescribed from a licensed practitioner. Common Chinese herbs to generate fluid and nourish Yin include Mai Men Dong, Sha Shen, Huai Shan, Shu Di Huang, E- Jiao, Go Qi Zi, Bai He and so on.

Food intake is the first and essential part of the whole health. With proper exercise and lifestyle change, we can control our own health better in different seasons.