How to hand sew a fabric book cover

How to hand sew a fabric book cover

Store bought fabric book covers are usually expensive and hard to find the right fit for your book or notebook. You can sew your own book cover or jacket easily with minimal equipment and time. Just needle, thread, and your favorite fabric.

For a small project, hand sewing is quick and flexible. Setting up a sewing machine might make the project look harder. With hand sewing, you only need a good quality needle (self-threading is even better), good quality thread (hand sewing thread if you can find it). Try to avoid the cheap sewing set from the dollar store. A too-thin needle and weak thread will make the sewing project frustruating.

A thicker fabric such as a quilt, denim, or upholstery fabric will be the best or add a lining to the thinner cotton fabric. You can also add pocket, pen holder, or closure such as a elastic band or velcro.

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