Sewing a fleece dog coat with a bias tape

How to sew a simple fleece dog coat and use the bias tape to finish the raw edge

Sewing a fleece dog coat with a bias tape.jpg

Below is a video tutorial on how I sew a fleece dog coat with bias tape for a finished edge. I modified the pattern from an old dog coat that is a little too small. It is very simple and straightforward. You can adjust the size to fit your dog easily by making a muslin mock-up and try on your dog.

You will need:

- Fleece fabric

- Bias tape (I use 4 yards of double-fold 1/4" wide bias tape)

- Velcro enclosure

- Sewing machine and basic supplies

- Brown Kraft paper or any paper for drafting your pattern

Enjoy the Video:

fleece dog coat sewing
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