How to find your flying star base chart with an online calculator or phone app

Finding your Flying Star Feng Shui base chart

Unlike the Flying Star annual chart, the base chart is calculated according to the direction of the house and the construction year. It lasts much longer than the annual chart. So it is a big part of the chart reading. 

Some people say changing the Feng Shui with an annual Feng Shui chart can bring the quick result, but with a base chart, it brings a lasting result. Both are valuable and handy to have for reference. 


What information is needed to calculate a Flying Star Feng Shui base chart?

To calculate the base chart, we will need to find out the construction time of the building and the facing direction of the building.

The base chart is like a birth chart of the building. The construction time decides which period the building is in. There are 9 periods according to the San Yuan Feng Shui. Every period lasts for 20 years. We are in period 8 now as of 2018. If your building was constructed in period 7, the chart will be different than period 8. 

Some people like to "update" the period by doing a major renovation. Over 1/2 or 1/3 of the whole house renovation is considered major renovation and will update the period to the year of renovation. 

To find the facing direction of the bouse, the easy way is to use a smartphone app, usually free. Just search "compass app". It shows the exact degree of the house facing direction. Traditionally, the compass is divided into 24 sections, called 24 mountains. Each mountain is 15 degrees.

Using an online calculator or phone app to generate the Feng Shui chart 

With the modern technology, generating a Flying Star Feng Shui chart is not as complicated as in the old days. A lot of free websites or smartphone apps offer the Feng Shui calculator. Just search "Flying Star Feng Shui calculator" and you will see a lot of choices.

Here are some of the calculator links you can try:

Online Flying Star Feng Shui calculator website:


The smartphone app from Google Play store:

Flying Star Feng Shui chart:

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