Room makeover/ organization/ Feng Shui tip

The new year is a great time to clean out the old, outdated and bring in new energy. Cleaning up our living space is an easy way keep us from getting stuck. Surrounding the space with what you truly love can lift up your energy and keep your focus on what is important.

The process is simple even though it might be labor intensive:

1. Take out everything that is hidden, buried, or forgotten. If it does not serve you a purpose now, it is time to let go. Trash, donate or pass on to someone else who can appreciate it. Not everyone can be a minimalist, but you can usually find a lot of "stuff" that does not fit your current lifestyle anymore.

2. Organize by category. For example, group together books, DVDs, office supplies, makeup, medicine, and so on. Edit out as much as possible. Find a place for each category. Group them together and label them (I like the Washi tape and a marker so we can remove the label easily) so we can remember to put them back to the right place in the future.

3. Vacuum, wipe, polish. Keep the space sparkling clean. And find, buy or DIY a few new pieces back to the room. I got a wood storage box, a bedside lamp, curtain, bedding and art hanging clips. This is the time to show your style and personal taste.

4. Think Feng Shui. Whether you believe Feng Shui or not, it does not hurt to try some Feng Shui. One basic principle is to find the money corner, usually 45 degrees from the entrance, and activate the corner by placing the live plant, fish tank, good lighting, or pictures and objects representing abundance and fortune.

5. Maintainance. Review and edit weekly and monthly. It is so easy to let the clutter grow. Our space should reflect our ever-changing life. Be prepared to move around and adjust to suit yourself.

Hope my video (below) of room makeover gives you some ideas.