How to machine knit a dog sweater

Here is a video showing how I knit the sweater using a bulky machine (Brother 260 with a ribber) and worsted weight yarn. It is knitted in 2 pieces (back and belly) and stitched together, leaving two opening for legs. You can pick up stitches around the leg openings and hand knit a few rows of ribbing for sleeves.

Every dog comes in different size and shape, so be prepared to make adjustments. Machine knitting makes it easy to start over quickly. Once you make one sweater that fits well, you can copy it again and again with a different stitch, Fair Isle, Tuck, or cable design. Hand knitting will be easy too once you know the final dimension.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

dog sweater 2 pieces.jpg
dog sweater.jpg
final dog sweater.jpg