Flying Star Feng Shui Basic: Part 2 - Activate the Qi and bring in the luck

Flying Star Feng Shui Part 2: Activating Qi and bring in the luck

 In the last article, we locate the auspicious and inauspicious stars in different directions of the house according to the annual Flying Star chart. The next is to learn how to activate the lucky stars and suppress the unlucky stars.

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The general rules of activating Star energy in Feng Shui

The simplest concept of activating the star is to have a lot of activity in that area including loud sound (music or noise), living plants or pets, and moving objects such as windchime or fish tank. Bright light, fresh air, cleaned space also increase the Qi flow of the area. This concept applies to both lucky and unlucky stars. In other words, if there is a lot of activities, traffic, light or movement in an unlucky area, the unlucky star will be activated too.

On the other side of the story, to reduce the effect of the inauspicious stars, we do the opposite of the above. First, we try not to use the space too often if possible. If we can not avoid staying in the room, at least keep the noise down and all movement to a minimum. Renovation, using hammer and nails, or moving the furniture around are bad ideas for the year. Those should be delayed until a later time. Be careful of placing fish tanks, windchime, or bright lamps in this area. 

In the unlucky Feng Shui areas, we pay respect to the inauspicious stars and do not confront or challenge them by keeping a low profile. In the lucky areas, we stay longer here, bring in sound, light, movement and busy activities.

The concept of Yin and Yang, mountain and water, human relationship and money

Mountain and Water are an important concept in classical Feng Shui. A house, or any room, has a sitting direction and facing direction. The Sitting direction is considered mountain direction, and facing direction is considered water direction. They are opposite of each other. If a building is facing north, the sitting direction is south.

The mountain also represents Yin and water represents Yang. Because water moves and movement is considered Yang. 

The mountain is related to human relationship and the water is related to money or wealth.

To know if the Qi of the certain room is activated by nature, observe the landscape outside the building. Is there a mountain, hill, or higher land in a certain area around the house? Is there a river, water (pond, pool, lake, river, creek...) around the house? Can you see the mountain or water from the room? A nearby water or mountain formation will greatly influence the interior Feng Shui and Qi.

If there is a mountain (or small hills, higher structure), it will activate the human relationship energy in that sector or direction. If there is a nearby water outside of the house, the wealth or money energy will be activated in that direction. This also applies to both lucky and unlucky stars.

What if there is no natural mountain or water in the surroundings? Then we have to create our own man-made mountain and water element. It is not as powerful as the effect from the landscape, but that is something we can control and compensate. 

For example, in the 2018 annual Flying Star chart, the South East has prosperity star and the South West has wealth star. We can activate our money luck by adding a big aquarium in these sectors of the house. If there is natural water in that direction outside the house, it will bring great money luck for this year.

To activate health and relationship luck, including personal relationship, peers, clients or mentors, you can add mountain-like structure in the South or Southwest in 2018. A big, tall furniture such as shelf or cabinet acts like a small mountain. The nature mountains outside in these directions will be the best, but we work with what we have and create our own man-made luck.

The concept of the 5 element

When we talk about classical Chinese Feng Shui, we have to learn the five element relationship. In the theory, everything in this world can be categorized into 5 elements. That is Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. 

Below is a simplified 5 element chart showing basic generating cycle and overcoming or controlling cycle. 

5 element Generating Cycle.jpg

Every flying star corresponds to one element, and to enhance the Qi of that sector, you can strengthen its mother element. If you like to control and reduce the Qi of a sector, just add more of controlling element. 

To further complicate things, every direction, every star, and every person has a particular element. There are also many complicated cycles among Five Elements relationships besides the above 2 cycles. Just like astrology, it can be multi-layered and confusing for many people. That will be another discussion in the future.

The five element theory often can explain why a certain object or cure can enhance or subdue a star. 

The symbolic object as Feng Shui cure or remedy

Besides nature mountain and water formation, and the five element cycles, there is another school of Feng Shui that believes the Feng Shui objects that can change the energy of space. This is not exactly the classical Feng Shui, but very popular for modern people because it is easy to understand and easy to apply.

The idea is to place an item in a certain place to activate the luck or remedy bad-luck. It might be the material (eg. metal, wood, earth...), the image (eg. waterfall for money luck), or cultural meaning (eg. 3 legged Frog for money or running horse for success). It is usually something symbolizes your goal, protection or remedy of possible misfortune.

From the psychological point of view, at least these items act as an affirmation and subconscious suggestion. Seeing these objects daily does make some impact in our lives, even though it is hard to tell if the impact is the magic of Feng Shui or not.

For 2018's Feng Shui, there are Feng Shui items commonly suggested:

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Free Download of the 2018 Flying Star chart with Feng Shui cures

If you like a free 3-page pdf copy of the 2018 Flying star Feng Shui chart and cure for reference, you can download by clicking the link below:

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