T-junction, Dead-end, and Cul-de-sac Feng Shui

T-junction, Dead-end, and Cul-de-sac Feng Shui

Most people have heard that T-Junction, Dead-end, and Cul-de-sac are bad Feng Shui because of the energy being trapped or directed in a certain way. They do require a closer look and see if the specific situation is suitable for you. Saying they are all bad Feng Shui is too much generalization. They have both advantages and disadvantages. Even the Sha Qi from the T-junction can be suitable for people working in a physically competitive field (athlete, police, military....) or for certain commercial stores.

Cul-de-sac is often desirable in North America. The less traffic means safer for kids to play outside, and a closer community in the neighborhood. However, a narrow and dark dead-end street in a city might present safety issues. Each situation should be evaluated separately.

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3 Types of the Feng Shui: T-junction, Dead end, and Cul-de-sac

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How the Qi flow differently in these types of the houses

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cul-de-sac houses

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Feng Shui remedy to slow down the Qi and attract better energy

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Classical Feng Shui cure for T junction houses and strong Sha Qi in front of the house

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