Simple Tuck Stitch Cable knitting on an LK150 machine

Simple Tuck Stitch Cable Knitting on an LK150 knitting machine

For the basic Tuck stitch on an LK150 knitting machine, you can read more here. You can make a simple cable sitch without crossing cables from the Tuck stitch. The technique is very simple. Tuck stitch creates 2-3 bars in one stitch, and that can be strong enough to be picked up and rehung to a current stitch from several down and several stitches apart. That creates a fold on fabric. Several of the folds in a column look like a cable stitch. It is much easier to see from the video below.

The plain stockinette might not work because one strand of yarn is too weak to be picked up and re-hung. This idea is inspired by Ricki Munstock’s booklets about the magic cable. I am not using their punch card design, just a really basic cable made from a basic tuck stitch pattern (3 rows of loops followed by a stitch knitted from the 3 loops.).

It is another fun way to make a textured stitch. Different tension, yarn size, and placement of stitches can create different looks. I made it into an infinity scarf just by joining the 2 ends together with a whip stitch. There are many ways to join the ends if you want to make an infinity scarf. Starting and finishing with waste yarns and use Kitchener stitch by hand sewing is probably the best looking choice. Try what is comfortable for you.

Watch the video tutorial of the Tuck Stitch Cable