How to hand sew a pencil box with an elastic band for notebook

How to hand sew a pencil box or pouch with an elastic band for notebook

Do you have the problem looking for a pen when you want to write something on your notebook in a pinch? That's why a pencil box attached to your notebook is a practical idea. The elastic band can also act as a bookmark. You can custom any size and pattern as you like.

Hand sewing is easy for beginners to create a small and practical item. All you need is a good hand sewing needle (the self-threading needle is even better), good quality thread, and fabric of your choice. For small projects like a pencil box or pouch, you only need very small pieces of fabric. 

The size of the fabric depends on the size of the notebook. For my A5 notebook, 10 inch square for the cover and lining fabric each is enough. You also need a zipper (bigger enough for the pen and smaller than your notebook) and an elastic band of your choice.

Watch the video below for the tutorial