Knitting pillowcases by hand, machine or finger crochet

Knitting pillowcases by hand, machine, or finger crochet

Here is a video showing how I knitted pillows in 3 different ways. The first is using chunky yarn and a knitting needle. It has a simple cable stitch that is symmetrical by crossing in opposite directions. After the front square is knitted, I sew it on a blank pillowcase.

The second one is machine knitted with worsted weight yarn on LK150 knitting machine. The cable pattern is hand manipulated. There is a pocket style flap at the back for pillow insert.

The third pillow is from the super chunky yarn I made before and finger crochet (finger knit) with basic crochet stitches. It works very quickly if your yarn is super thick. Check out the video about how to make the super bulky yarn on a knitting machine:

Watch the video of pillow knitting and finger crocheting