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Chinese herbal tea to help relax sore muscles

At the end of any work day, we feel sore and painful from sitting at a desk all day or moving 100 lb boxes of paper. A nice hot bath or shower can give temporary relief, but it all comes back again. Peony and Licorice tea (芍药甘草汤 - Sháo Yào Gān Cǎo Tāng) is a classical formula that was used to relieve muscle pain and ease spasms.

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Chinese herbal tea to help with digestion

Thanksgiving and the holidays are coming and with it, a meal with family and friends. However, we sometimes tend to eat a bit too much during these holiday feasts, which can make us feel bloated and uncomfortable. In Chinese tradition, tea made from certain herbs is served at the end of a meal, so it makes the discomfort a little more manageable

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