Qi Lin and Pi Xiu as Feng Shui cure or decoration

Qi Lin and Pi Xiu as Feng Shui cure or decoration

Both Qi Lin and Pi Xiu are legendary animals from ancient Chinese mythology. They are commonly used as the Feng Shui cure or decoration to increase the energy and keep away various evil Qi.

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The look of Qi Lin and Pi Xiu (Pi Yao)

Since they are not real animals, people describe them in different ways throughout the history. They are the combination of different animal parts and features. See the pictures below for the general description. Basically, Qi-Lin has some antler and scale in the body, and Pi Xiu has wings.

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To activate the money luck

Place Pi Xiu or Qi Lin in the money sectors of the house according to your Feng Shui chart, or the general money corner that is 45 degrees from the main entrance or entrance of the living room. Have the head facing outside the building.

Using bronze or metal sculpture can enhance the money luck because metal generates water in the 5 element theory. Water means money in the Feng Shui.

To counter the Sha Qi (sharp, negative Qi) 

Place the Pi Xiu or Qi Lin with the head facing to the direction of the Sha Qi. For example, facing the electric pole or sharp object outside the building to reduce the strong Qi flow. 

They are symbols of protection and positive energy. To use them as a Feng Shui remedy, you can add a little ceremony before installing them. Use some food offering, prayer, and state your intention should increase the power of the magical animals. 

They can also be carried as little keychains or jewelry for portable protection. They are pretty multi-purpose in countering negative Qi and raise your own energy.

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