Mixing loose teas and Chinese herbal teas for daily drinks

Mixing loose-leaf teas and Chinese herbal teas for daily drinks

What is the difference between Green tea, white tea, black tea and Oolong tea? How to mix the loose leaf teas with herbal teas? And which Chinese herbal teas taste best with which loose teas? Is the tea suitable for hot or cold drinks? What are the relationships between the teas and the seasons? Find the answer in the following video by Rob Wulforst. 

What do you drink in a day? Try the herbal tea combination hot or cold. Adding your favorite fruit or herbs to personalize. 

Loose teas and Chinese Herbal Teas video


For more info about making your own everyday herbal teas, check out the book by Rob and Tien:

Chinese herbal tea book: http://bit.ly/chineseteabook

And the Etsy herbal store:

Herbal tea store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PicturehealerHerbs

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