Feng Shui tips for increasing Power and Authority


Feng Shui tips for increasinig your power and authority

Besides your hard work and experience, Feng Shui can help you increase your power, status, and authority too. We are going to show you some simple tips you can apply to enhance your power either at home or at work.

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  1. Balance your dragon and tiger

    You have probably heard of the 4 celestial animals in Feng Shui. When you stand in the house and facing the front door, your right side is the White Tiger, left is the Blue Dragon, the back is the Black Turtle, and the front is the Red Phoenix. They all represent different energy.

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Dragon is the Yang or male energy and the tiger is the Yin or female energy. To increase your power and authority, make sure the left side is higher and the right side the lower. Depending on the industry you are in or the customers you have, you can increase the female energy too for the right balance. The rule can apply to your house, office, or even a desk. When you sit down, is your dragon side taller, brighter, and more active than the right tiger side?


2. Check the front phoenix for futue achievement and ambition

The front view should be open and beautiful. Is there a way you can create a clear and open view in front of your house, office, or desk?


3. Check your Turtle in the back of the house for support and stability

The back of your desk, house, or office should be stable and solid. A mounatin or tall shelf is good for support.

The backyard is also related to your offspring and your relationship with them. Create a beautiful and organized backyard to enhance the luck related to your kids and grand kids.


4. Nothewst is the power corner

Northwest is related to the most yang energy and highest status in the Ba Gua (trigram) map. To take advantage of that, you can use the space as your office or an important room. Use the Northwest space frequently to increase your authority and status.

Alternatively, place a symbol of power such as a dragon or horse on the Northwest corner of your desk or office.

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