Feng Shui for your Gui Ren and mentor luck

Gui Ren, Nobleman, or helpful people is someone who gives us a hand when we really need it, or someone pushes us to the next level in life. If we can enhance out Gui Ren luck, we can attract the right connection or mentor into our life.

feng shui for helpful people

Here are simple steps to find out your "Gui Ren" directions in your house. This calculation is based on your birth year.

1. Know the Chinese calendar system is based on the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. See the chart below. The earthly branches also corresponds to the 12 animal signs.

heavenly stem and earthly branch jpg.jpg

2. Know the last digit of your birth year in the western calendar and convert it to Chinese Heavenly branch year. See the chart below.

If your birthday falls between January o1 to February 03, you belong to the previous year because February 04 is "Li Chun" (beginning of Spring) and is the beginning of new year in Chinese metaphysic calculations.

convert birth year to heavenly stem jpg.jpg

3. Now check the chart of the Chinese Heavenly stem year (Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding.... ) and the corresponding 2 areas of the helpful people. That is your Gui Ren sectors or directions.

helpful people chart jpg.jpg

4. Refer to the 24 mountain chart to see the 2 Gui Ren directions in terms of earthly branch or animal signs.

animal sign and direction jpg.jpg

5. Activate the 2 helpful people directions in your house.

If possible, set up your office or study room here. Place objects symbolize success and people you aspire to. For example, you can place a bronze or jade horse statue because it is a traditional Chinese symbol of success. Or you can place pictures or books related to the people you look up to.

bronze horse feng shui gui ren

DOWNLOAD the pdf charts

That is it. A simple, classic formula to find and enhance your Gui Ren section according to your birth year. If you like the above charts in pdf download, click: http://signup.picturehealer.com/

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