How to attract money and wealth luck with Feng Shui

How to enhance your money luck with Feng Shui

feng shui for money luck

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Find and activate the money corner - Southwest for the period 8

In 2018, we are still in period 8 (2004 to 2024). In period 8, the wealth or money sector is in the Southwest. In period 9 (2024 to 2044), the wealth sector will be in the north. To enhance the money and wealth luck, we have to focus on the money area during the time period.

General money corner - 45 degree from the door

Another popular money corner for Feng Shui is 45 degree from the entrance or door. we can set up the money corner with money jar or vase, aquarium, money god, and crystals. Or put anything represents abundance and prosperity to you.

The idea of this corner is that it should have some kind of back wall or enclosure to "store" all your treasures. If it is a high traffic hallway, a big glass door or window, this means it is hard for you to keep the money. To solve the problem, add a wall, a high furniture, a curtain or screen to create a backdrop and let the Qi stay here longer. 

Secondary money area if the 45-degree corner is not available

If the 45-degree corner cannot be used as money corner, either corner parallel to the entrance can be the secondary money corner. We can set it up the same way as the wealth corner above.

45 degree money corner.jpg

General rules for the wealth area

Generally, the money area should be clean and bright, but not too bright because our treasure should be hidden and not easily seen by others. It should be backed by a wall, shelves, or furniture so the Qi gathers here longer. 

The money area should avoid beams in the ceiling, and avoid placing electronics here such as TV or air conditioner. They scatter the Qi too much.

Also, check your Flying star base chart to find your money sector in the house. Combine both base chart and annual chart for the best reading. See the previous article about how to find your Flying Star base chart according to the direction and building time of the house.

Feng Shui Items or cures to enhance the money luck


Water symbolizes wealth in Feng Shui. Adding a well-maintained aquarium in the southwest will increase the money luck. The aquarium should not be too small, and the plants or fish need to look lively and healthy. A filter can create a mini waterfall as moving water triggers moving of the Qi. Just be sure all water flowing direction is into the center of the house and not going out to the door.

There is also a traditional idea of keeping 9 fishes, including 8 red and 1 black color, to bring the most luck. 9 is the maximum yang number and is considered very lucky. I am not sure if the color really matters, but that is what many Chinese people believe. 

Money Jar

We can place objects symbolize wealth in this area. A classical example is a money jar or money pot. It should have a wider body and smaller opening so the money stays hidden. Put real money, coins or representation of money such as crystals or ingots. You can take the money out and refill as needed, symbolizing healthy cash flow.

Painting of fish or waterfall

If the real water does not fit here, you can always find paintings of fishes or waterfall. It is common to see Chinese ink painting of 9 fishes swimming happily in the water, and often with 8 red and 1 black. The waterfall is also popular in traditional Chinese ink paintings. Make sure the waterfall direction is into the house and not flowing out of the house since the water represents money.

Outdoor pond, fountain or swimming pool

The water outside the building of the wealth corner will activate the money luck. For example, a pond of a pool near southwest of the house will enhance wealth luck in the period 8.


Semi-precious stones are pretty to look at, and they seem to have a special energy to affect the space. Natural crystal is always more powerful than the manmade one in terms of energy.

For colors, most people relate yellow or green colored crystals with money. Purple or clear crystals are also very auspicious in general. 

Money god or mythological creatures such as Qi Lin, Pi Xiu, or Three Legged Money Frog

It is hard to separate Feng Shui from local culture and religions. Either Chinese money god (Chai Shen Ye) or laughing Buddha will inspire us to be more positive managing our money. 

Some mythical creatures from Chinese legend are supposed to enhance your money power too. Qi Lin and Pi Xiu (Pi Yao) are two examples. They bring protection and keep away the evil spirit. Pi Xiu is said to have a dragon's head, horse's body, and Qi Lin's feet. There is a story about Pi Xiu that he only takes in money and does not let go of any. So many Chinese like to place a pair of Pi Xiu statue at home or wear a pair of jade Pi Xiu charms for money luck. 

Refrigerator, stove and dining table

Refrigerator, stove, and the dining table are all symbolizing our treasure and wealth from Feng Shui perspective because the food is money in the old days. So it is better if they are hidden from the view of the entrance area. We don't want visitors to look through everything we have quickly. Hidden wealth can be preserved easily, and too much wealth show-off can attract unwanted attention.

Property shape (floor plan) of house

It is also said that the back side of the house should be bigger or deeper than the front to contain all the Qi and wealth. If a house is wide in the front and small or narrow in the back, it is not a house that easily keeps the money. If it looks a little smaller from the front than it actually is, it has the better potential of collecting and preserving wealth.

floor plan for wealth.jpg

These are some basic Feng Shui concepts and believes in increasing money or wealth luck. I hope these tips help you feel more confident and positive about your relationship with money,and attract prosperity and good fortune day after day.