Machine knitting resource guide for beginners

machine knitting resource guide

Resource Guide for Vintage Knitting Machines

Here is a collection of links I think might help you starting out your machine knitting journey. It is not easy to find information about knitting machines and how to use them. Hope this guide will save you some of the headache trying to figure out everything alone.

1. Choosing the right knitting machine, comparison charts

  • Comparison of different brands knitting machines (


2. Where to buy your next knitting machine, vintage or new




  • Local estate sale, garage sale, or yard sale

  • Good Will (, Salvation Army, or local thrift store

  • Local knitting club

  • Online knitting groups



3. Patterns books and online patterns

  • Punch cards and Mylar pattern (


4. Maintenance - finding parts and repair

  • The knitting Closet (for parts)

  • Custom knits and mfg.


5. Machine knitting clubs and groups online and local

- Guild of Machine Knitters (UK)

- Knitnatters (Texas, US)

- Online knitting machine groups (compiled by


6. Yarn buying, yarn categories

  • Yarn comparison cheat sheet (

  • Different yarn and related machine knitting tension chart (

  • How much yarn do I need? (

  • Which yarn to use for which knitting machine (