Free knitting pattern neck and wrist warmer for kids

Here is an quick and easy hand knitting pattern of neck warmer and wrist warmer for kids around 8 years old. It's made in ribbing pattern so it is stretchy to fit a wider range of sizes. I made this for my second grader who does not like the restriction of mittens or bulky long scarf. With this fingerless mitten, she can still type and play video games! 

I pick worsted weight yarn that has different shades of color variations. She requests combination of light blue and dark pink for the wrist warmer. It takes very little yarn and time to finish the project. Maybe I will make a blue version for her little brother too.

free knitting pattern neck and wrist warmer for kids

Neck and Wrist Warmer knitting pattern for 8 years old


blue yarn
sweet roll pink yarn


Premier yarn Sweet Roll, worsted weight, 100% acrylic. Any worsted weight yarn will work. Acrylic yarn is great for machine wash. If you don't mind hand wash, pure wool or Alpaca is very warm and soft next to skin.


4.5 mm, 24 or 32 inches long for magic loop method. You can also knit flat and seam up. Just add one extra stitch on one end, and do mattress stitches to seam up.

Neck Warmer

Cast on: I cast on 66 stitches, or multiple of 3 for 1 x 2 ribbing (repeat of 1 purl, 2 knit stitches)

Join the round and keep knitting in the 1 x 2 ribbing pattern, that means:

from the right side: (1 purl, 2 knit stitches)*, repeat to the end.  

Color change: I knit the first inch in dark pink/purple color and change to light pink for another 4 inches or so. 

Knit until desired length and bind off loosely. Make sure the bind off is stretchy. I like the knit 2 together through the back loop method. Very simple and practical. For purl stitch, just make a regular purl and transfer to the left needle, purl 2 together. For knit stitch, make a regular knit stitch and transfer to the left needle, then knit 2 stitches together through the back loop.

kids neck and wrist warmer set free knitting pattern

Wrist warmer

Cast on: 24 stitches (long tail cast on, German cast on, or any stretchy cast on)

First row: (Purl 1, Knit 2)* repeat * to the end.

Join in the round: Join in the round and continue knitting in magic loop method. You can join the round in the cast on row, or after first row of knitting and just use the yarn end to close up the gap of the cast on row.

Continue knitting for 10 rounds.

Knit the next 10 rows flat (back and forth to create a thumb opening)

Join the circle and knit another 10 to 12 rounds, depending on how long you like the wrist warmer to be. 

Color change: use any color combination to add interest. Dark and light or gradient makes pretty fabric. 

Bind off loosely. Use your favorite stretchy bind off method. Or use knit 2 together through the back loop method like I did here.

Weave in the end yarn and you are done for one fingerless mitten/ wrist warmer.

Make another one the same way and you have a pair.

wrist warmer for kids

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