How I get rid of TV and Cable

TVs and Cables are the "must haves" for modern families. Almost every house has them, bigger and bigger with each new model, and more and more channels. On the up side, it is a great entertainment and news source, especially for social gathering holidays. On the down side, it is usually an eye sore in a beautiful living room, a great distraction and time waster, not to mention how expensive it can get.

TV and Cable.jpg

Trying to simplify my life and save money, I have been considering cut the TV and cable off my life completely for many years, but could not be brave enough to make the change until now. It feels freeing after saying goodbye to our TV and Cable finally. There are many reasons why it is a great time to cut them out now, and some lessons I learned from this experience. 

1. Internet is so common now that we spend more time on computer, tablet and smart phones for news, social media, research, and entertainment. Most of the shows on the TV and cable can be watched through internet, YouTube or downloadable video. I actually have not watched TV for may weeks before the cancellation. Just no need to.

2. My kids watch you tube on TV. So every time the TV is on, they want to watch kids show. I don't remember when I watched a non-kids show last time. When life is so busy, TV is not essential any more.

3. We still have an older, smaller TV in the basement that can connect to video games, Just Dance, and Wii when needed. Even though we rarely use it, it does feel more comfortable knowing there is some back up just in case.

4. We do have Amazon Prime, that means we can watch streaming of many shows on the computer, including cartoons, dramas, movies, and so on. Again I rarely use it, but it is there if needed.

5. One challenge is to get every family member on the same page. When TV watching becomes a mindless habit, it can be addictive. It is also hard to be different when everyone else has a fancy TV. It takes some courage to say no to TV watching. Fortunately, my kids do not complain about no TV to watch. They are happy with just internet. That is something we have to restrict next.

6. The cost of TV and Cable are getting more expensive. They usually sell you a special discount package in the beginning, but jump up the price after that. We were paying over 60 dollars (after tax, box rental, regulation fees....) a month for a very basic package. Think how much we can save in a year.

7. The biggest advantage without a TV is freeing up time and space to more important things in life, such as family, hobby, business, or anything your heart desire. Now instead of staring at the TV for hours, we can spend quality time with family members, or alone with less distraction.

My husband and I think this is the best decision ever, and wondering why couldn't we cut the TV and cable several years earlier. Everything has it's time and place, and the TV has served us well in the past. Now we are enjoying a simpler lifestyle, back to the old days before TV and Cable. More peace and calm, and less anxiety and overload. Would you get rid of your TV too? Try it and let me know.