Healthy and fuller hair care tips

Healthy and fuller, hair care tips

Most modern people have problems maintaining natural, healthy hair. It can be from stress, age, frequent hair dye, medicine, or other factors. We have access to a variety of hair products and salon, but our hair quality still needs a lot of help. Thinning hair, drying out, getting brittle and lacking luster are common problems. Here are some tips to take care of our hair naturally.


1. Check the shower water quality. Each city has different water quality and chemical content. You can install a water softener shower head to filter out Chlorine and Flouride. Our hair can absorb the chemicals in the water. Make sure the water in the bathroom is as pure as possible.

2. Use a mild shampoo without too much alcohol content. A shampoo can contain a lot of chemicals that might damage your hair. A simple, gentle shampoo is safer for frequent, long-term use.

3. Less chemical hair dye, perm, and heat styling. Reduce the use of the hair dryer, heat curler, and flat iron. Towel dry and air dry is the best when possible. Use heat protective lotion before blow drying or using heat styler if needed.

4. Massage the head during the shampoo using palms to lift up the scalp. Never use finger nails for shampoo or massage. Shampoo twice to first clean out the dirt and oil, and the second time to massage the scalp. Massage of the scalp can increase the blood circulation so the nutrition can be delivered to the hair.

5. Use essential oils to help stimulate the scalp and hair. Different essential oils have different functions. Some are more cleaning and some are more nourishing. You can alternate your choice of essentials. To make hair mask, use base oils such as Jojoba oil, coconut oil or sesame oil, and mix in a few drops of the essential oils such as rosemary oil or Geranium oil, Eucalyptus oil and so on. Wet the hair, apply this oil mask for 10 minutes. Shampoo as usual.

6. Diet is an important part of the hair health. There is special vitamin (including Biotin) for hair and nail growth in the market. A balanced diet is very important. If you try to lose weight and restrict your diet too much, your hair will suffer. We need to eat protein, carbohydrate, veggies, and fruits and drink plenty of water daily. Avoid processed food, junk food, fried food, and food with high sugar. fat, or salt.

7. In Chinese medicine, there are herbs to help hair health. “He Shou Wu” is the most popular one. Black food is considered Kidney tonifying. Eat more black bean, black sesame, black wood ear (Mu Er), dark nuts and seeds can help nourish the hair growth. If not sure, visit a local herbalist to analyze your body type and receive the best nutritional advice.

8. Avoid the damage of the UV ray from the sun. Use sunscreen spray if needed. Wear a hat or use an umbrella to protect our hair and scalp from the sunlight. Avoid extreme weather - too hot, too col, too windy and so on.

9. In the hot days, shampoo daily can ensure the clean pores of the scalp and stimulate the blood circulation. Too much oil secretion can cause oxidation easily and block the pores. When it is not possible to wash daily, at least massage the scalp and brush daily to keep the Qi and blood moving.

Now most people believe less frequent shampoo or even no-poo (shampoo free) is healthy for the hair. With proper choice of shampoo, good water quality, and shampoo technique, we should not be afraid to wash our hair regularly. Our scalp is the same piece of skin as our face. If we spend so much energy washing and applying lotion to our face, we should spend enough time taking care of our scalp too. Some people might benefit from the No-Poo method, but most of us need to wash the hair to keep clean, massage and brush regularly to keep our hair alive and healthy,

These are the easy habit we can keep to promote the healthy, natural growth of our hair. Once you made these changes, you will see the difference in a few weeks. Hope you find this info helpful and get your shiny fuller hair back.