12 Animal Signs as Feng Shui art and the date selection tool

12 Animal Signs as Feng Shui art and the date selection tool

The 12 animal in your house can have effect on your Feng Shui. Some people like to display art or sculpture of the animals. We do it without paying too much attention. It is mostly harmless, but according to the Feng Shui principle, some animals are more beneficial to be displayed than the other.

Last time we talked about the relationships among the 12 Chinese animal signs. The rules apply to the animals as Feng Shui art. The compatible animals are lucky to have around, and the conflicting animals might add more stress and challenge to your life. The beneficial or auspicious animal combination include the Trinity combination (the triangle on the zodiac wheel), and the secret pairing friend. The conflicting sign is the one that is opposite from your sign on the zodiac wheel.

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Date selection and animal signs

Another application of the animal sign is to find the lucky and unlucky date from the Chinese lunar calendar or Feng Shui calendar. Each day is related to an animal sign in the Chinese calendar, you can find out the auspicious date if the animal sign of the date is compatible with your sign, or it is your own animal sign. The inauspicious date to avoid is the date with the conflicting sign.  You can use the same principle for selecting the hour of the date, or the day of the week. Date selection can be very complicated depending on the purpose of your selection. This is a easy way to find your lucky and unlucky day or time.

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