The 12 Chinese animal signs and their compatibility (friends and conflicting signs)

The 12 Chinese animal signs and their compatibility (relationship)

Like the western astrology, the Chinese zodiac animal signs have their special combination and relationship. The most popular ones are 1. the Trinity combination, 2. the secret pairing sign, and 3. the conflicting enemy.

1. The Trinity combination

These are groups of 3 animals as the best friends, supporting one another, compensating the weakness, and enhancing each other's strong personality. They are somewhat similar so it is easy to work with and share the similar goals. It is a good idea to partner with these friends for business or personal relationship.

Here are the 4 groups of the Trinity combination (see the charts): 

12 animal signs group 1 (1).jpg
12 animal g2.jpg
12 animal g3.jpg
12 animal g4.jpg

2. The secret pairing

These are the pairing of 2 animal signs that brings out a specially hidden strength and one of the 5 element energy.

Rat and Ox together bring out the Earth element and shows up as harmony.

Tiger and Boar together bring out the Wood element and show up as secret friends.

Rabbit and Dog together bring out the Fire element and show up as an unexpected windfall.

Dragon and Rooster together bring out the Metal element and show up as Allies.

Snake and Monkey together bring out the Water element and show up as speculative luck.

Horse and Sheep together bring out the Fire element and show up as helpful patrons.

12 animal secret friends.jpg

3. The conflicting sign

The conflicting sign or enemy is the sign that is 180 degree from your birth sign in the chart. It indicates difficult to understand each other and possible obstacles. These are just general rules. A person who has totally opposite quality from you does not always mean enemy. They can be a big help and compensate what you are lacking. It just takes more patience and communication. In general Chinese metaphysics, it typically signifies inauspicious or conflict. See the chart below for the conflicting sign.

12 animal conflicting friends.jpg

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