3 Healthy Morning Detox Drinks - Apple cider vinegar lemonade, Ginger lemon green tea, Chai tea latte

3 healthy morning detox drinks

The first drink in the morning is powerful on our health. Here are some alternative drinks to coffee. They can kick start your metabolism and help to lose the extra weight.

The first drink is the famous apple cider vinegar plus lemon or lime juice. Add about 8-10 oz of water, juice from half of a lemon, 2 tablespoons of the organic apple cider vinegar. Optionally, you can add chia seeds, cinnamon, or other spice. 

The second drink is based on the green tea. You can use the loose tea leaves or the powdered green tea. Add grated ginger, juice from half a lemon, a little raw honey, you have a refreshing detox drink. Optionally, add fresh or dried mint or cilantro to the tea.

The third drink is the Chia latte or the variation of it. Basically, you mix several spices, add some black tea, and a little milk. Substitute with almond milk or soy milk if you try to avoid dairy. I use clove, cardamon, ginger, and cinnamon. It is flexible about the mix of spices. You can change the ingredients to your personal preference. 

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