Basic rules in the Eight Mansions Feng Shui

Basic rules in the Eight Mansion style Feng Shui

Once we find out our Eight Mansions Feng Shui charts according to the Life Gua (from birthday), and House Gua (from the sitting/facing direction of the house), we know our four lucky sectors and four inauspicious sectors in the house. Here are some basic rules of the Eight Mansion style Feng Shui (Ba Zai).

1. East group of people living the East group house is lucky. West group of people living in the west group of the house is lucky. Check this article if you are not sure how to find our you or your house belong to the east or west group.

2. The Life Gua is traditionally referring to the Husband or breadwinner of the house. In the modern days, both husband and wife should be considered. Depending on what you like to improve, other family member's Life Gua number should be considered too.

3. Both Life Gua and House Gua should be analyzed and not just one of them. Life Kua cannot be changed so it is important to arrange the house to bring out the potential good energy.

4. The main entrance should be located in one of the four lucky directions of the Life Kua chart. The bedroom, back entrance, and living room should be in one of the 4 lucky directions too.

The Kitchen and bathroom are supposed to be located in the inauspicious sectors. According to the Eight Mansion Feng Shui, kitchen and restroom can counter the negative energy of the unlucky sectors. If the kitchen and restroom are located in the auspicious sectors, they might have negative effects and turn lucky into unlucky. This is a distinct rule for the Eight Mansions Feng Shui. 

5. The Kitchen should be in one of the 4 inauspicious sectors but the stove should face one of the four lucky sectors. 

6. If there is a conflict of the charts such as Life Kua and House Kua, or husband and wife's chart, we can identify what works and use the lucky direction to arrange rooms or direction of the furniture. It is very difficult to find a perfect Feng Shui, but we can arrange the door and furniture (bed, sofa, stove) facing location, or the location of rooms, so we reduce the bad luck and everyone in the house can have some types of good luck. There will be some compromise depending on what is important to you at the moment.

7. Don't forget to consider the exterior environment surrounding the house. Is there certain water, mountain, or structures around the entrance? They will have a great impact on the Feng Shui too.

That is the basic rules of the Eight Mansions Feng Shui. There are many more rules for enhancing money, health or offspring luck. We can discuss in future articles.

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