Eight stars and their meanings in the Eight Mansions Feng Shui

Eight Stars and their meanings in the Eight Mansion style Feng Shui

There are eight "stars" in each Eight Mansions Feng Shui chart. To keep it simple, 4 are auspicious and 4 are inauspicious. Later you will find out the negative stars are not completely negative and the positive stars have the negative qualities too.

They are not exactly "stars" either. They have corresponding stars according to the old Chinese astrology. We call them 8 stars just for easier explanation. It is basically different energy that has potential or tendency to cause a certain result. 

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The 4 auspicious stars

1. Sheng Qi or Life Generating Qi - the energy is actively growing and expanding. It belongs to the Yang Wood (according to Yin/Yang and 5 elements).

Sheng Qi is the luckiest direction that makes you energized and full of positive energy. It is a great location for work, money, and relationship.

2. Fu Wei or Stability - the energy is slowly expanding, and belongs to Yin Wood.

Fu Wei/ Stability is a calming energy that makes you content with current home life. The downside is that you are less ambitious and less active.

3. Tian Yi or Heavenly Doctor - the energy is constructive and circulating. It belongs to Yang Earth.

Tian Yi/ Heavenly Doctor is a great location or direction to enhance your health. It is also a great sector to activate your helpful people (Gui Ren or Nobleman).

4. Yan Nian (Nian Yan) or Longevity - the energy is combining and congealing inward. It belongs to Yang Metal.

Yan Nian or Longevity is a stable and calming energy. It increases your intuition, sensitivity, relationship, and popularity.

The 4 inauspicious stars

1. Jue Ming or Life-threatening - the energy is chaotic and inward congealing. It belongs to Yang Metal.

Jue Ming is the depressing energy that might cause psychological disease or life-threatening disease such as cancer. 

2. Wu Gui or Five Ghost - the energy is violent and upward rising. It belongs to Fire.

Wu Gui or Five Ghost is a rapid and chaotic energy that can increase irritability, anger, or money loss.

3. Huo Hai or Misfortune/Mishap - the energy is eroding and circulating. It belongs to Yin Earth.

Huo Hai is a scattering energy that can make you focus on little things and miss the big picture. That might cause money loss and mishap.

4. Liu Sha or Six Killing - the energy is damaging and falling downward. It belongs to the Water.

Liu Sha or Six Killing is a downward falling energy. It can make people overindulgent in alcohol, gambling or other negative hobbies.

Applying the energy

The basic idea of using these 8 sectors of the house is to spend more time and plan important activities in the lucky sectors, and less time in the negative sectors. If not possible, place the major furniture so the person is facing the lucky directions. Important furniture includes bed, sofa, stove, desk, and alter for god if you are religious. The facing direction of the door is also an important consideration.

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