From "shiny object syndrome" to a creative minimalist

from Shiny object syndrome to creative minimalist.

from Shiny object syndrome to creative minimalist.

These days, I find my self very busy, chasing all the shiny objects and goals in front but not going too far anywhere. There is tons of projects I want to do and I want to do it all. The truth is, no one can do everything all at once. If we cram in too many things on our plate, we will just end up scattering all our energy and nothing gets done right. It is the "Shiny Object Syndrome", or S.O.S.. Many of us suffer from SOS without even knowing it. 

Our society encourages us to achieve more goals and obtain more stuff. The one gets the most toys is considered successful. But if you look closely, you can tell many people are not happy. Many are stressed, exhausted, sick, and feeling lost. It's time to stop running around and exam ourselves deeper. What is the most important value? What truly make makes me happy, calm, and fulfilled? Everybody has a different answer, and most of the time, it is not the shiny objects everyone is chasing after. 

The cure for "Shiny Object Syndrome", in my opinion, is close to becoming a "creative minimalist". First we have to trim down all the extra, baggage, and non-essentials, either from our material world or mental thoughts. Instead of following other's ideas, we should follow our own value and purpose of life. Focus on the most important project, one and a time, and do it really well, enjoying every minute of the process. We have to admit we are not superheros. We all have limited time and resource. It is not the score card from competition the only judgement of your success. The standard should be set by you. Only you know what's your own goal and which path to take for maximum happiness. 

It's not an easy process. It's a habit of re-examining and adjustment regularly. Defining what is the most important value and align your goals and everyday life with it. It is a minimalist mindset, but not in a strict sense of bareness by abandoning everything. It requires creative thinking to find your own direction because everyone's situation is unique. Life happens and we have to adjust quickly again and again. 

I have to keep reminding myself to de-clutter, cut off excess projects and noises in my head. By slowing down and making decision of my own focus, I find more calm and balance. Simplify my life makes every moment more enjoyable, and keep the important goals on track.