Fo Shou, Buddha's hand, or Goblin Fingers in the supermarket

Fo shou, Buddha's hand Chinese herb

Fo shou, Buddha's hand Chinese herb

I came across this strange looking fruit in a supermarket recently. It's a famous Chinese herb called Fo Shou or Buddha's hand because of the shapes. They label it "Goblin Fingers" in the supermarket. I am not sure how people eat it fresh. It is a type of citrus fruit and smells just like orange or lemon.

As a Chinese herb, it is usually dried and sliced. It has similar function as "Chen Pi" (orange peels). It moves stagnant liver Qi and help spleen in transformation and transportation function. In another word, it strengthens digestive function and keeps the stagnant Qi circulate again.

What is Liver Qi stagnation? In Chinese medicine, it is a very common problem for people who has strong suppressed emotion such as anger. The symptom includes pain and stifling sensation below chest area. It usually accompanies Spleen Qi deficiency, which is often caused by over thinking or worrying. Both Liver Qi stagnation and Spleen Qi deficiency are pretty common for modern people who sit in front of computers all day. It is not a serious disease but still an imbalance that can be improved. And Fo Shou is one herb that can make the stagnation and depression of Qi flow again.

Fo Shou's property is fragrant, bitter and slightly sweet. It's the pungent and bitter quality breaks and move the Qi. Next time when you need a little help with digestion and distension, think about Fo Shou and Chen Pi (orange peels). It might be all you need to feel healthy again.