Meditative Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Free knitting pattern for garter stitch baby blanket

Free knitting pattern for garter stitch baby blanket

Here is a baby blanket or lap blanket that is very meditative to knit. It only consists of one stitch - knit stitch. It is like a log cabin blanket that is knitted from the center and goes around and out. It's mindless to knit. Good beginner project. Since I use the bulky weight yarn, it is very warm and thick too. 

Since you pick up stitch for every block, there is no seaming or sewing. Only weaving the end and beginning yarn. Steam block to shape it and done.

Here is how I do it:

I start to knit a square in the center. I cast on 12 stitches and knitting back and forth until 10 garter ridges (2 rows forms a garter ridge). 

Bind off the last row, keep the last stitch alive on needle, and turn 90 degrees. Pick up 12 stitches and continue knitting 10 garter ridges to form another square. Bind off the last row and keep the last stitch on knitting needle. Turn 90 degrees and repeat.

Now pick up 12 +12 = 24 stitches and knit 10 garter ridges since the it covers 2 squares. Just keep repeating, in a spiraling direction. 

Each size of block will be repeated twice before going to the next bigger block. 

I did not spiral out in correct direction in the beginning several blocks. It still turn out fine.

Yarns I use: Lion Brand Quick and Thick. Seem like one of my go to yarn for quick bulky knit, with some wool content and machine washable.

Needle: 9 mm or anything you like according to your swatch. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose after blocking.

Gauge: It is not that critical in blanket knitting, but I suggest making a swatch you like. Also figure out how many stitches and rows to produce your first square. Once that is done. The rest is pretty simple.

I hope you find it interesting enough to make one for yourself. Let me know how it turns out. Leave a comment below.