De-cluttering Series - 2. Notebooks

Declutter notebooks

I don't know why, but they just grow and grow and taking over my desk and drawers. Most of the notebooks are not even used. Many still look as cute as I first bought them.

Half used old notebooks and sketch books

Now is the time to face the reality. When the collection creates more burden than inspiration, we have to let some go. The above pictures are mine and my kid's notebook/ sketchbook collections currently, not counting canvas, art supply or other stationary. Honestly, we do not need so many. Most half used and old ones will be thrown away or preserved for only special pages. 

Notebooks in use now

The several notebooks/sketches books I still use now is for keep. It includes business related, schedule calendar and idea books. 

Notebooks and sketch books that are still inspiring and functional

Some of the blank books are still inspiring to me. Maybe it's the cover image, the size, the layout or quality of paper. If it is still attractive and useful to me, I will find a way to use them. Either assign a project or future project for each one.

Kids blank or half used notebooks / sketchbooks

I will have to have to sit down with my 7 year old and discuss which one to keep, donate or throw away, and the whys. Also some up with ideas and projects for the books she wants to keep.

Notebooks that are not inspiring anymore

Some of the books are just not your style or taste anymore. Some might look ratty and un-inspiring. Time to give them a new home, or come up with projects to use them out quickly such as paper folding or decorating for holidays/ birthday. Kids will love to have fun with the new craft supplies. 

Since I am turning a small bedroom to an art and craft room. Our notebooks and sketch pads will live there. It is an endless process to edit out the old ones when bring in new ones. We just have to establish the habit of buying carefully, edit regularly, and enjoy what we have fully. Organization and de-cluttering is balancing the flow. Stay in check of what we own, and clear out what does not fit us anymore. That's the Zen of life.