Art Collage for reflection and visualization

Making Collage is a type of art therapy everybody can do. Many people has a mental block to start drawing or painting, but cutting out magazine pictures, adding scribble and color is more like a child's play. There is no worry about final masterpiece to be judged. This spontaneous process is very relaxing and healing. It can reveal your subconscious, shed light on your challenge, or help you see life from a different perspective. Once you connect with inner intuition, intention, thought, emotion, or dreams, the visual pictures you select and arrange can give you a lot of insight on yourself and your currently situation. 

How to start your collage

There is no right or wrong way to make a collage art. It is highly personal and flexible. Use any techniques and tools you like. Any size of paper or image will do. It depends on what you have at hand and what you like to use at the moment. If you just have kids crayon, pencil, and a notebook, it is perfectly fine. If you have a fancy paint set and like to cut out every image neatly, it is fine too. "Mixed media" just means you are not limited to one type of medium. Watercolor, color pencil, marker, sprinkle, photos, magazine pictures, or anything you can find will work. If you are drawn to certain medium, then use it. There is usually a psychological reason behind it.

Simple exercise

One simple exercise is to flip through old magazines and see what images grab your attention. Cut and arrange the images until you like them. Glue them down on a paper, board or canvas. Draw, paint or scribble as you desire. Words and phrases can be added too. Don't overthink it, just keep going, follow your impulse and have fun.


Keep notes of what comes to your mind in the process. Is there any story or event that surface from the past? Any emotional change? Is there a pattern of what image you pick or draw? Does the image, symbol or word remind you of your current situation? your past? your dream? your fear and pain?

Written journal

After finishing the collage, write down whatever you experience in the process, notice any feelings and release them. Write for 10 minutes without editing and you might see a new insight or unexpected answer to your current challenge. By setting yourself free and without judgement, the visuals you create can be like a fortune telling card, revealing a lot about you easily. 

Other ideas for using Art Collage

1. Intentional card or mantra

You can create a personal intention card and display or carry it to remind yourself of the intention. Make your own collage of images and words to supporting your idea. It is like a visual mantra and affirmation.

2. Visualization or dream board

For your goals, dreams and ambitions, create a collection of images and words that reflect what you like to have in the future. Visual images speaks to our heart directly and manifest into reality quicker.  

3. Solving problems

When you have something bothering you, set intention of exploring the problem with the creative collage exercise. See what color, pattern, symbol, object, texture you are attracted to, and asking yourself why. You will find some clue to the answer. 

4. Collage as a diary

Make collage as daily art journal or visual diary. It can be a recording of your daily feeling, activity, thought, or experience. Give it a title or a few words to describe the key point of the day. It's valuable treasure when you look back a few months or years later, and remember certain time of your life. Everything can be put to perspective and you learn much more about yourself. 

There is no limit in ways to use collage art for mental health, self discovery and growth. The first step is always the hardest. It's a personal journey and no one can judge you. Just give yourself some space and freedom for the self care you deserve.

I find myself attracted to images of sun, moon, star, shiny and colorful images. 

I find myself attracted to images of sun, moon, star, shiny and colorful images.