How to machine knit a Tuck stitch scarf with a punch card

Tuck stitch is one unique stitch that can be done easily on a knitting machine. It will work very fast if your machine has a built-in patterning ability such as a punch card or computer-aided pattern design.

tuck stitch machine knitting scarf

I am trying the Tuck stitch on my Brother KH260 bulky machine without using ribber, following the instruction booklet from Brother company. They recommend a certain number of punch cards that comes with the machine because some pattern works better with certain types of stitches.

The punch card I use is number 8 on the standard brother punchcard set. You can download the pattern from the internet and punch your own pattern with a blank card (available on eBay). I use one roll of worsted weight, Caron cake type of yarn.

I hand-manipulated ribbing at both ends by latching up every third column to reform into purl stitches. The sides curl up a little. Next time I will add 4-6 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing on both sides to prevent the curl.

Generally, tuck stitch makes a wide and dense fabric. The textured pattern is on the purl side, and the knit side looks similar to stockinette stitches.

Below is a video showing the process. Remember to subscribe our YouTube channel (picturehealer). Enjoy!