How to thread, cast on and bind off on a Singer LK100 knitting machine

Here is a video of how to thread the yarn, 2 ways of cast-on, and a simple bind-off on my plastic bed, mid-gauge Singer LK100 knitting machine. 

The first cast on is starting with every other needle. Makes a quick cast on, and great for waste yarn knitting before changing to the main yarn.

The second cast on is a E-wrap cast on. It is a closed end cast on. Similar to any knitting machine, but all needles need to be pushed back to "C" position to be knitted.

The threading of yarn is different because of the tension rod is attached to the carriage and not in the back of machine like most knitting machines. You have to leave the yarn in the front of the machine, usually on the floor. Make sure the yarn is loose so it can go through smoothly.

This Singer LK100 is shortened by removing connecting plates in the back, taking one section off, and shorten the sponge strip and numbering sticker. A small machine makes it portable and easy to store.

Here is the youtube video, enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more tutorials in the future.