Knitting a convertible mitten from a fingerless glove

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Knitting a convertible mitten from a fingerless glove

Last time we hand knit a simple fingerless mitten with a worsted weighted yarn. Click here if you missed the post. Here we are showing you how to knit the piece to cover the fingers for extra warmth.

Use the same size yarn and the matching circular needle, pick up stitches from the back of the hand, and cast on the stitches on the palm side with the knitted cast on. Then keep knitting in the round until about the tip of the little finger. Start decreasing on both ends with knit 2 together. Alternating with plain rows until about 1/3 stitches left. Kitchener stitch or 3 needle bind off on the top. Or just draw up the yarn to tighten the top.

Crochet a little button and add a chain row so the piece we just knitted can be attached on the back of the glove when not in use.

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