Oyster soup recipe

Oyster soup is a dish full of nutrition and flavor. It looks complicated but is very simple to cook. The key is to find fresh oysters that look full and clean.

Here is how my mom cooks it at home. Simple ingredients and simple techniques. You only need a small bag of fresh oysters, some ginger, scallion and optional green leafy vegetable or red chili pepper.

oyster soup

How to cook

1. Pick fresh oysters from the market and cook soon. Soak in water for a minute first to clean out any dirt or sand.

2. Chop some ginger slices and scallions. If no scallion, any green leafy vegetable will do. Red chili pepper will add color and flavor too.

3. Add clean oysters and ginger slices to a pot of water. Let it boil for a minute. Add the green vegetable, scallion and chili pepper (if used). Scoop out and dispose all the foaming on the top of the soup. 

4. Fresh oysters cook quickly. After 1-2 minutes, check to see if it is properly cooked. Add a little salt at the end. 

oyster soup

I am surprised to see how easy my mom cooks the dish. Seafood seems to be in the advanced cooking category. The whole cooking takes about 15 minutes only, and the final dish is light, healthy and delicious. How do you cook your oysters?